You want to reduce costs, time to market, and increase reliability of your products? 
Thanks to our integrated development tools: The hardware and software platform "SMX", it is possible. 

A brief list of what we can do with our integrated development tools: The hardware and software platform "SMX"… 

·       Special machines

·       CNC

·       Motors controllers

·       Laser control

·       High power critical time applications

·       Power supply with PFC interleaved up to several kW

·       Auxiliary power supplies (5V, 15V, 24V, 48V)

·       Linux, Android, Windows CE applications

·       Microcontroller board with DSP – FPGA controllers

·       Ethernet, serial port communication


  • DSP concerto F28M35H52C1 from Texas Instrument
    FPGA Spartan-6 XC6LX16-CSG324 from Xilinx

    With this board we can quickly develop your industrial applications.

  • Rack 9U with one subrack SMX 2500W power supply 
This rack allows insertion of… 
Any owner industrial application subrack 
One of our 400V or 48V motor drives